We want to take you back to simpler times with our products and hopefully remind you of the times when things were made with real care...

What's in a Name

Our name is a combination of Germanic and Old French. "Von" is German for "From" and "Vantage" is derived from Old French meaning "A position giving an advantage or comprehensive view" We feel the name suits us because we have a very German approach to attaining very high standards in the quality of our products. We also put a great deal of thought behind every stitch and every cut. We choose to work with premium grade vegetable tanned Italian leather for it's quality and beauty. The reason why we work with such material because it is time tested and if done properly it should last for generations.

Two Birds

At VON VANTAGE we hold great pride in designing and creating our unique products that one can hold and carry with them as they interact with them daily. Perhaps pausing to appreciate it's beautiful workmanship and knowing that it has been crafted by leather artisans using their hands. 

Our mission objective is to design and create beautiful products that stand out in some way. We go to great lengths to source materials that have been time tested and test them further to make sure they live up to our standard.

Great level of attention to detail is given to the minor details that we feel makes us different from others. We chose to do things differently, we take our time and create things truly handmade from start to finish. Every product before it is finalized for production has already been tested at several stages for quality and usability to ensure that it follows our philosophy and design acumen. 

Design Acumen

We design and craft leather accessories. Our goal is to keep them simple, minimal and make them beautiful. The style of our products hopefully will compliment your style by blending in with it. We don't believe in shiny big logos and flashy materials. We want to create beautiful products so that it is an extension of who you are and perhaps you will appreciate our creation when you hold it in your hands. Our design philosophy is to design things that are minimal and functional creations.

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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle